What can be done with free themes:

E-Commerce Sites

Blog Sites

Corporate Websites

Image Sharing Sites

Forum Sites

Real Estate Sites

Food Sites

Social Media Sites

In short, you can make as many sites as you can imagine. At no cost whatsoever.

So why is this:

You know there are WordPress themes. And there are millions of plugins with these themes. You can get dozens of features offered by paid themes through free plugins.

So if you learn to use the right plugins with the right theme. You can make almost any type of site.

However, your site will have a few differences from the sites made using the login, usage and usage themes.

For example, you will make a Social Media Site:

A man made his Social Media Site using a paid theme and paid plugins. You want to do it without paying. Do you know what would be the difference between you?
While messages are sent instantly on the other man’s Social Media Site, it may be necessary to refresh the page for the messages to appear on your social media site. Or, messages to your Social Media Site are delivered 3 seconds later. However, if you use the right plugins, it is possible to avoid this problem. But it is very difficult to find the plugins that I mean by the right plugins. Sometimes you may need to find the plugin you need by installing and testing dozens of plugins on your site one by one.

In short, this is actually: It makes a lot of sense to use free themes for beginners. Your site has grown, your users have increased. Where you say everything is going well. You can switch to a paid theme to make your work a little easier or to avoid using too many plugins. Remember, the more plugins you install, the slower your site will become.

Also, let me add this. You have set up a site, you have uploaded your articles, you have thousands of users etc. etc. but you want to change your theme. So you will change the entire layout of your site. Don’t worry guys. Your users are not lost, or your previously uploaded images and articles are not deleted. You just install your new theme. And everything that was shared before is still displayed on your new site.

Finally, let me add one more thing to this topic: Hosting companies take weekly or monthly backups of our Sites. These backups are useful. For example, you have added hundreds of articles to your site today. And tomorrow your site has a serious malfunction. You immediately enter the hosting company. You click on the backup that the hosting company or you have taken. And you go back to the previous day before the critical error occurred.

That is, you can return your site to a time without any malfunctions. If your backups are not taken by Hosting, I strongly recommend that you do it manually.

A footnote to this part: Sometimes hosting companies may not take backups of sites. You should definitely take backups.

Click on the link below to see how to take a backup of the site.

How to take a backup of the site.

Now let’s get back to our main topic. We said that all kinds of sites can be made.

Let’s say you are building an e-commerce site. It is possible to make a very nice e-commerce site.

You can create many Blog sites, Corporate Sites, and even Social Media Sharing Platform-style sites as we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Well, if we go back to the same part again: What are the differences between the paid version and the free version.


a- Your site may be a little slower.

This may be due to the fact that you have to use extra plugins to get the paid features of the Theme for free. If you do the speed optimization of your site correctly and you have used the right theme. This will not be a problem for you.

b-You can write the name of the theme you use anywhere on the site.

A few years ago, almost all theme owners were definitely adding their name to a corner of their themes. But don’t worry, it’s not the same anymore. There are now 100% customizable themes. So you don’t have to advertise anyone on your site. Of course if you are using the right theme.

Finally, let’s add some information. Let’s say you are going to use one of the free themes. Suppose the view you imagine is not inside the theme you are using. That’s where FREE PAGE Builders come in. For example Elementor Plugin

What Can Be Done With Elementor Plugin:

This plugin is used for site construction, to add visual beauty to the site or to add extra features.

Although there are paid and free versions of this plugin, you can create sites with extraordinary visuals by using the free version of this plugin.

To understand the difference between theme and plugin more clearly, you can take a look at our article:

What is Theme? What is a Plugin? What is the difference between these two

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