Advantages of WordPress Site Acceleration

Every company, brand and business plans high goals on the digital platform where competition is very high. Increase in sales, visitor satisfaction, users leaving the site with pleasure, etc. But in fact it is always the same user.

Imagine there is another website providing the same service. You will be ranked one after another in Google search engines.

The visitor first requested access to the competitor site. However, since the site is slow, page openings and product views are opened too late, the visitor cannot withstand this situation and naturally leaves the site and starts to visit different alternative sites. It did not encounter any speed problems when it visited your website. Your site was opened in less than 3 seconds and the visitor began to enjoy your site. 

Conclusion; Your competitor lost a customer, you won

In the past, this has always continued like this, and you can’t even see your competitor in the ranking anymore, this is because your site has a high opening speed.

Advantages of a Fast Website


Your visitors reaches the site faster.

On your user site spends too much time and leaves satisfied.

Your recycling performance As you rise, you will surpass your rivals.

Your target audience profile increases.

Google and other in search engines your ranking goes up.

Google and other search engine bots can crawl your site faster.

What You Need to Know

Get custom web software WordPress Regardless, the speed of a slow opening website is also very important in terms of conversion.

You have attracted the user to your site, but your visitor has left your site within the elapsed time. You can use the necessary techniques for this situation and end the loss of visitors.

More than 70% of users do not stay on pages that last longer than 3 seconds and it comes right out. Ideal page speed performance means that it opens in a maximum of 3 seconds.

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