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SEO What and Why Is it important?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or “Search Engine Optimization” in Turkish

The search engine is the structure that finds the most suitable one among millions of sites with the keyword the user is looking for. While making these matches, search engines map all the sites on the internet, classify them according to various criteria and save them in the database.

While doing this, it looks at many parameters such as the extension of your domain name, how old your domain name is, your site speed, your keywords, your site title, how often your site is updated, and the length of time users stay. on site.

Google Search Verification

We perform the Search Console registration of your site for you in a short time.

SSL Installation And Its Importance

Did you know that Google places sites with SSL installed in front of sites without SSL? We perform your SSL Installation for you.

Use of Google Tools

We do the necessary registration so that you can see the monthly traffic of your site and we provide training on which tools you should use while creating an article.

Using SEO Friendly Permalinks by Google Tools

The fact that the plugins in the URL section of your site are created with random or meaningless words negatively affect the Google success of your site. Let us configure your permalink settings for you.

SEO Friendly Theme Selection

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a theme is Seo Compatibility. We are here to help you choose the right Theme.

Site Acceleration And Its Importance

If your site load time is over 3 seconds, you will be eliminated. One of the most important stages of getting to the top of Google is site speed. We provide support for Site Acceleration.

Importance of Original Content

Although website users think they will stand out by purchasing articles from other sites, the opposite is true.
Google throws content stealers into the background!!!

Visual Optimizations

You should know that you cannot upload any image directly. You have to use various tools. We offer a quick tutorial on using these tools.

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