Fast Website Build in 5 Steps, Do you know that it is possible to make a website in as little as 1 hour? Is it possible? So how?

Quick Website Construction

Sounds good, frankly. Although, if you are reading this article, you have already heard many times that you can easily create sites with wordpress.
From E-Commerce sites with WordPress, to Social Media Sites. You can make any site you can imagine or think of.
It is even possible for you to be a site like FACEBOOK… Just be aware that it will not be possible for you to use a site like FACEBOOK. 🙂

There are only a few steps you need to take. After taking these steps in order, you can become a website owner.

Step 1 Decision Phase

What the Site Will Be About:
It is very important what you will build a site on using it, for example if you want to open a blog site or an E-Commerce site if you do not want a Social Media site… anyway, I hope you have decided what site to open. One of the first things you should do when you experience giving is to decide what to open a site on.

Step 2 Action Phase

Domain Name Selection: Where to Buy a Domain Name? What Should Be Considered While Buying?
To choose a domain name, you need to know what the domain name means. In short, the Domain name is: Url. You know, when you search on Google, it says something like above. Here, the part after the “www” part is called the domain name. So “” is a domain name.

Now that you know what a domain name means, let’s talk about some of the things you should definitely know about these domains.

you can’t get every domain name you buy. Because most of them are already bought.
For example this domain name is my dear domain name. You cannot get this domain name. Now if I give an example over this domain name again. When purchasing the domain name, note that other sites with the domain name are taken into account.
Now your is my domain. If it is to go and visit my You stay in the background for a while because of my content.
But if you choose a unique domain name, you get straight out of the box first.

To Find Out Which Domain Name You Can Get and Which Can’t

You can type a domain name query into Google.
Or you can make a domain name query with one of the following sites.

1-) Godaddy
2-)Güzel Net Hosting 

Prices for domain names are usually between $39.99 and $99. But there are also some domain names that are sold at prices such as 40 thousand TL and 50 thousand TL. The reason for this is this: Google sells domain names with the most searched words at higher prices than other domain names.

Step 3 Choose Again

Hosting Company Selection

I can highly recommend Güzel Net Hosting in this regard.
Why: There are many hosting companies now. Some come to the fore with speed, some at affordable prices, and some by offering many features.

Let’s make a little comparison.
One of the hosting companies is Güzel Net Hosting and the other is A hosting.

If Güzel Net Hosting offers us 20 features
A Hosting offers us 10 features.

If you are a site owner by paying figures such as 400-500 TL at Güzel Net Hosting. You may have to pay fees such as 1000 TL at a hosting company.

For example, let me give an example: Güzel Net Hosting has Free SSL.
You know, there is a “safe” or “not secure” sign on the top left of these sites. This happens with an SSL certificate. If you have an SSL certificate, it says “Secure” at the top left of your site. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, it says “Not Secure”.

Quick Website Construction

Let me add that externally their support system is tremendous. For example, you had a problem with your site. And you cannot fix the problem. You send a message to Güzel Net Hosting, they are very helpful about how you can fix your problem.
Let’s say you couldn’t install SSL. They install poles for you etc. etc.

Actually, the support system of all Hosting companies is very good, but for some reason, I also like the support system of Güzel Hosting.

In short, Nice Net Hosting is good. Finally, let me add this. You might think that I’m advertising the Hosting company or something, but it really isn’t. I commend them because the hosting company is really good.

Step 4 A New Action

WordPress Installation:
Now you got the Domain Name, you got it in Hosting, everything is good and nice. We came to wordpress installations, enter Youtube. Type the name of your hosting company. For example: A hosting type of wordpress installation. You will see a 2 minute video. Or get 5 min. You can install it easily.
Let’s say you didn’t. Message the hosting company support system. “Hello, I want to build a site with wordpress. How to install WordPress Unknown. You can get wordpress installations for me.” In summer . Those who store your wordpress installation within 20 minutes will throw you login data.

You need to install SSL just before your WordPress installation. It’s really easy, but it can be confusing. While hosting the ready WordPress installation. Send a message again: “Can you continue the SSL setup for me?” say. They carry it too.

You know what advice I actually follow? While these works are done by the support teams of the hosting companies, it is the work of you to be liked from one place.
Because sometimes the explosion can be very urgent. Or the support system may be too busy. That’s when you’re alone with your emotions. So, with trials…

Step 5 Final Action

After your WordPress Installation is complete: Login to your WordPress Admin panel. Go to Appearance>Themes>Install Theme from the left follow-up menus. And after one of the themes you come across, follow the Install Now>Activate steps. Here, you now own the site. Yupppiiiiiii, wait dear, don’t get too excited. Your challenge is just getting started. Then there are the features that change the images and text in that Theme and include the features you want in that theme. And be sure, the subject of your next work will not be as easy as you think.

Quick Website Construction

I’m wondering if there is anything else I can say about this issue, but I don’t think so. If there is, I’ll add it.

We have come to the end of our Easy Website Build WordPress article.

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