With WordPress Tutorial, you can build professional websites in a short time. You can create your own and your business sites and take your place in the digital world. WordPress Training can be given online and practically. One of the most reliable addresses for website and content production is to take WordPress Training without the need for coding. It allows creating a website without writing code.

WORDPRESS EDUCATION – This Training Brings to the Participant

You will be able to learn how to make a website step by step with this training that is free of unnecessary information. It also plays an important role in developing your design spirit. With WordPress Training, you will be able to create websites suitable for your priorities such as personal blog site, corporate site, e-commerce site.

Who Should Attend the Training?

  • Users who want to create their own personal and corporate Web sites
  • Users with no previous experience in designing websites
  • Users who have technical knowledge of WordPress and want to advance themselves
  • Those who want to be designers
  • Companies that carry their business to the web world.
  • Users who want to optimize in WordPrest
  • Users who are social media experts.

What are the Preliminary Information Required?

Having a basic computer level will be enough for you to get WordPress training. As we said first of all, the trainings are done online or practically. If the trainings are practical, you may be requested to bring your personal computer. Distance education, that is, online education, offers you an education in the comfort of your home. You can ask any questions you want instantly in distance and online education. Individuals of all ages can participate in these trainings. In addition to all these, if there are discrepancies in your plans on an hourly and daily basis, you can receive special training.

WordPress Basics

  • Dynamic and static website logic
  • Buying Domain (domain name) and Hosting
  • Information about WordPress Hosting, Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting
  • SSL security certificates and their use
  • (Mysql) database definition operations
  • Using Cpanel and Plesk panels
  • Creating email account addresses
  • FTP operations with Filezzilla
  • Seo Settings

WordPress Admin Panel

  • startup tab
  • The Posts Tab is where you can write your blog posts.
    • All Posts
    • Add New
    • categories
    • labels
  • Media Tab: It is the area where the images you upload to your site are displayed.
    • Library
    • add new
  • The Pages Tab is the area where the pages in your site are located.
    • all pages
    • add new
  • The Comments Tab is the area where the comments made on your site are displayed.
  • The Appearance Tab is an area where you can add and change your themes, and you can also make adjustments regarding the menu in this area where you can make some of the theme changes.
    • Themes
    • Customize
    • Components
    • Menus
    • Upside
    • Regulator
  • Plugins Tab is where you can install your Plugins.
    • Installed Plugins
    • Add New
    • Regulator
  • Users Tab, If your site has a registration feature: it is the area where you will see your registered users and make various adjustments about them.
    • All users
    • Add New
    • Your profile
  • Tools Tab, let’s say you have 2 different sites. Images, pages, texts or any content on one; If you want to move to a different site, you will use this area. For example, by exporting your site’s pages through this field. On your other site, you will import back the content you exported via this field.
    • Vehicles in Eligible Condition
    • Import
    • Export
  • In the Settings Tab, General settings section, you will see that you can make many settings related to your site. The explanation about this place can be made for pages. It would be more accurate to poke around.
    • General Settings
    • Write Settings
    • Reading Settings
    • Permalinks

Sites We Can Create With WordPress

If we give a few examples of websites that I can create with WorPress. ;

Blog : It is a special type of website that allows us to share tutorials, recipes and much more without asking for any technical information with images and texts. Blogs usually display the most recently published content first. It can also be called a weblog kept on the internet where the articles created by the experts of a subject are shared.

E-Commerce Website: It allows you to sell goods or services online and receive payments through an online payment system. The WordPress e-commerce plugin can be downloaded to extend the functionality of WordPress. So you can have an online store on your website.

Business Website (Corporate): These are sites where customers can contact you, request a quote, get an appointment date, and much more. It is the website where many businesses will benefit from an online presence. WordPress is a great option for creating business websites

Websites like WordPress can be made easily thanks to.

What is Web Hosting ?

Web hosting, that is, the hosting service, the content, user information and installation files of all the files of your site, etc. It is a repository that you host. Hosting should be as fast as possible. There are many hosting companies. I can recommend Güzel Net Hosting, which has come to the fore with its speed.

What is SSL Certificate?

It is a security certificate that encrypts data transfer transactions made over internet pages and transmits them to the opposite server. Websites that have acquired an SSL certificate are displayed as “https” in the browser bar. Güzel net hosting offers us free SSL in this regard. At the top of the sites, the “safe” or “not secure” warning offers us an SSL certificate. Not every hosting company can meet the SSL certificate. That’s why it’s better to buy it separately.

End 🙂

Our WordPress trainings that continue to close the days. We follow all kinds of innovations with technology day by day. We provide training with our current themes and plugins. If you want to get WordPress training, you can get support from our team.

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