WordPress Getting Started

1-) It doesn’t matter if you will use a paid or free theme. Buying that theme without checking the speed and score of the theme you will get is nothing but a gamble.

Because there are some themes that have terrible speed. Theme opens in 5 seconds. This means that if the theme opens in 5 seconds. When you make your site with that theme, it will open on your site in a minimum of 3 seconds.

And the result: You’ve been eliminated

Why you were eliminated: The thing that Google cares more about the appearance of the site or the content of the site in recent years is literally the speed of the site. Sites that open for more than 3 seconds are now backed by Google.

Let’s imagine 2 sites with the same names: The priority here is the one with the faster site.

In short, do not buy that theme without checking the speed of the theme you will buy.

How can control theme usage. After logging into the sites of the sellers of the theme, enter the link of the Home Page that logs in to the end theme to one of the following addresses: Google Pagespeed>https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=TR  ya da GTmetrix > https://gtmetrix.com/

Wordpress Getting Started

Both of these addresses will give you information about the performance of the theme. It will also give you the speed score of the site. If the score of the theme you are checking is below 40 points, I would not recommend you to buy it. If it is above 40 points, the site score can be increased up to 95-100 after the necessary optimization processes are performed. However, when optimization is made to bring the speed of sites below 40 points to 95-100 points, malfunctions begin to appear on the sites. In short, your site breaks down or opens with a bad view.

As I said, my advice is not to buy sites below 40 points.

You can get themes in two different ways:

a-Themes from Envato Market https://themeforest.net/  You can buy. With the filtering options, you can easily find the theme you want to buy. The important detail here is the following: Make sure you have created an account before purchasing a theme from Envato Market. And note down the password of the account. Because the license information of the theme you purchased from this market, etc. All will be in your account. And over time you will need this information.

3 paid themes are offered for free every month on Envato Market. to the link https://themeforest.net/free/wordpress-themes  You can get Paid themes for free by logging in the first week of every month.

If I were to give one last piece of information about Envato Market. They charge $2 commission. Assuming you’re getting a $59 theme. When you come to the payment area, you will see 61 dollars as the amount you have to pay. This is the transaction price cut by Envato Market.

There are millions of themes in b-Wordpress themes. Although all of these themes are free, they have paid versions. You can get extra features by upgrading the theme you installed from your WordPress admin panel to the Pro (Paid) version later.

If you want to access free themes. After logging into your WordPress admin panel, you can click on Appearance > Themes > Add New from the menu on the left.

2-) Is the theme SEO compatible?

One of the most important things about the theme you will get is Seo Compatibility.

The details of the Theme you will receive will include information whether it is Seo Compatible or not.

Or we might consider not making a statement about SEO by reviewing the theme. Then we will enter one of the Demos inside the Theme before including the theme we will buy, then we will take the URL of that demo and place it in the Web.dev tool, which is one of the SEO Analysis tools. And SEO Score checking commission

If you ask what is SEO? What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimization in Turkish

There are various settings you need to make in order to rank high in Google searches. One of these settings is the SEO settings. For example, in order for your articles to stand out, your article must be suitable for SEO. This is not such a difficult thing

After you click on Plugins > Add New from your WordPress Admin Panel, Yoast Seo plugin will appear. Let’s say you have installed this plugin. The plugin guides you.

Now you have written a post and uploaded it to the posts area in wordpress. At the bottom of your article, there will be suggestions that Yoast Seo will give for you.

For example:

You need to add images to your post.

By Adding Links to Your Post, you can make your post better.

Your post is too long

Your post is too short.

Such suggestions or warnings will be included. As you take into account the warnings of the Seo plugin and make the necessary adjustments, you will see a change from RED to GREEN in an area on the right side of your article. If Yoast Seo has given your article a RED color, it means your article is in bad shape.

If it gave the orange color, it is at an average level. If it turns green, you can easily press the PUBLISH button. Your writing is now more readable.

3-) Do not change the theme constantly, do not install and delete the plugin as you think.

Every time you install a theme, many files are uploaded to your Hosting company along with your theme. When you remove themes, you do not remove everything that the theme installed. There will definitely be remnants of the theme you deleted somewhere. In other words, every time you install and delete a theme, you will put unnecessary load on your site. And this will eventually cause your site to run slower.

Do not constantly install and remove plugins. Everything I just described for the theme applies to plugins. Constantly installing and removing plugins will definitely slow down your site.

4-) Do not install every plugin!

Do not install every plugin, do research while installing plugins. Read reviews about that plugin. Read the complaints.

There may be dozens of plugins with the same features. For example, there are hundreds of contact form plugins.

Most of the contact form plugins also contain unnecessary files. If you research properly. You can find the most accurate contact form plugin. And this will cause your site to load faster.

5-) Millions of downloads do not mean that the plugin or Theme is great.

Don’t dive into Themes or Plugins just because they have high downloads without reading the comments.

Do some research first. Check out other plugins and themes too.

The most downloaded theme in Envato Market is the slowest of the themes in that field. I’m not throwing this out of my mind, I’m not writing it as an example, it’s a fact. Since the theme is the most downloaded theme in its field, I skipped it and bought that theme. Then I regretted it a lot, but it was too late. If I had checked the theme speed once, I wouldn’t have taken it impossible actually.

Let me give you another example: One of the contact form plugins, which is in the top 3 as the number of downloads in WordPress, will put unnecessary load on your site.

That’s all I’ve mentioned about contact form plugins. I didn’t give names because I don’t want to discredit any plugin. Let me suggest you at least a low-load contact form: You can use the Ninja Forms plugin as a contact form plugin.

I hope you understand me. We made these mistakes, at least don’t make them.😊

If you have decided to get started with WordPress. How about exploring the limits of free themes?

Limits of Worpress Free Themes?

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