What is Theme and Plugin? In our article, we will tell you the stages of wordpress site installation. What is Theme and Plugin? Let’s move on to our article.

What is Theme?

What is theme and plugin? Let’s continue by explaining what the theme is in our article titled.

First of all, it is very easy to access themes in WordPress. What is the Theme on most people’s minds? What is a Plugin? has questions. You entered WordPress and clicked on the Appearance > Themes > Add Theme buttons on the left panel, respectively. That’s it, there are now millions of free themes for you. In fact, 80% of the themes there are paid and free. How do you say: After installing the themes there, you will see the free version of the Theme. And you want to upgrade to Pro version? A question will be asked. You don’t have to pass. Do not forget this. You can also make many kinds of websites using the free versions.

What is Theme and Plugin?

But remember, you can get extra features when you upgrade to the paid version.

Paid and Free section comparison is tabulated inside each theme.

You enter the Paid & Free section comparison of the theme. If you like the features in the paid version, you should get it. If you don’t go, you won’t get it. This much.

If you have no idea what to do with Limits of Worpress Free Themes? Take 1 Minute! . It is useful to have a look at our article.

Now let’s come to our main topic, it’s not really a complicated thing.

What is a Plugin?

What is Theme and Plugin? Let’s continue by explaining what the plugin is in our article titled.

Anyway, I will not defraud as long as I deceive the word like news sites. Let me enlighten you with a very easy example. What is a Theme What is a Plugin

The theme is skeleton. The add-on is also leather, you can think of it as an ornament.

It’s over, that’s it Friends, if we do not have skeletons, our bodies have no chance to stand. And we don’t have a chance to live. Themes are the skeletons of sites. In other words, the things that provide the general appearance and order are called themes.

You can click here to browse free themes in WordPress.

If you say what is the plugin then. We said it’s our skin. If only we had walked around as skeletons. There would be ugly images, wouldn’t it? So what makes our Skeletons look more beautiful is our skin. Anyway, what did I say, plugins are also the skin of themes.

You can click here to browse free themes in WordPress.

That is: The thing that adds extra features to the themes, which adds a more beautiful appearance or adds extra features, is also called an add-on.

As a result, if you cannot have a theme installed in your wordpress admin panel, you cannot use any of the plugins you have installed. You definitely need the theme.

As far as I know, if you do not have a theme in wordpress, you cannot login to the admin panel.

Now we are installing wordpress through the hosting company. Already there, at least one sample theme is automatically installed while the wordpress installation is taking place.

Then you install your own theme instead of the theme WordPress has installed itself.

What is Theme and Plugin? We have come to the end of our article.

That’s all. Come on, stay well.

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