Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, an online marketing tool, is a marketing tool that allows you to show your ads on Google search results, partner sites or Youtube. The area where the most budget is used in the internet advertising ecosystem is Google ads.

Google Ads, which started its operations at the beginning of 2000, has more than 1 million users today. Why should I advertise in Google Ads before I get started with how Google ads work? The answer to the question is actually very simple. Business owners advertise on Google Ads to increase more sales and more brand visibility and awareness about their products or services, so they can clearly see what they’re getting with the results of the process and budget they allocate to ads.



How Google Ads Work ?

Companies prefer Google Ads to get more sales ads and to keep their user base wider. The greatest convenience that this system provides to its users is that the advertising process is easily visible to the company. Business owners using Google Ads ads can see how many users they have and where their sales ads reach.

AdWords Tool Compatibility with SEO

In order to understand and use the Google Ads system, it must also be compatible with the SEO system. AdWords tool made without SEO cannot give the desired result. It is not a dream to achieve the desired success after a harmonious work.

In order to use the Google Ads tool, first of all, a Google account must be opened, that is, it must be created. A personal Google account owned by companies or individuals will be sufficient to pave the way for opportunities. The process begins after the account required for the advertisement is received from Google. The fact that any Gmail account does not include an integrated system when creating a Google account is almost a relief for users. It is possible to use a Google account via any e-mail address.

The Right Keyword

Keywords are the words that users enter into the search engine to reach the information they want to reach when they search in any search engine. Google Ads works by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords relevant to their business. Thus, when the keywords are entered, the ads of the advertising companies are shown to the users. Advertising companies or companies should determine the keywords that best describe their services.

It is very important to have a suitable keyword for the ad to be given and to know the keyword match types well.

Determining the Appropriate Budget

Budget management should be done in the best way to prevent over or under advertising expenditures in Google Ads campaigns. The most important thing to do for Google Ads is to determine the appropriate budget.

While planning your budget management, there are questions you should ask yourself first;

  • Does Google Ads fit my ad management strategies?
  • Where and how much are my competitors spending?
  • How much do the keywords I bid cost per click?
  • What is the most important KPI for me?

What is Google AdSense?

The advertising model that allows bloggers and websites to earn by displaying Google ads is called Google Adsense. It is the regulation and expansion of the editing concept of Google AdSense banner ad sharing regulations that have been used for years. It is a program where businesses can display Google ads that they can display on Google AdSense websites and earn from advertising traffic for Google search engines.

Differences Between Google Ads and Google AdSense

Curious about the differences between Google Ads, formerly AdWords and Adsense. Due to the similarity of names between them, many people think that both are the same. Google AdSense and Google Ads differ in many ways. The only similarities between tools from Google is that both are for advertising purposes. Now let’s examine the differences between both;

Both platforms have differences in terms of their users. While Google Ads is used by businesses, Google AdSense is used by publishers and website owners. The purpose of Google Ads is to generate sales and earn money. It also spends money on Google ads to generate traffic by qualified visitors to its websites.

In Google AdSense, on the other hand, AdSense is used to give consent for users to display ads on advertisers’ websites.

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