We are in favor of making a lot of sites and earning money from broadcasting, rather than making very high fees and making few sites. While this thought saves us money, it also saves our customers. In this way, both us and our customers win…

According to the data shared by the Turkish Statistical Institute TUIK:
In the next 5 years, 65% of existing businesses will have to close their doors. And 25% of those who are stubborn about not moving their business to the E-Commerce sector in the next 5 years will have to close their shutters…
You know that we do almost all of our work online. We now do our shopping through online sites, including. A few years from now, a much larger segment will do their shopping online. This means that small businesses will slowly shut down at first.
In short, you should move your business online as soon as possible. Both for the continuation of your current job and for taking your place in the online sector…
The most important thing in blog posts is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compatibility. If you do research about SEO and manage to write your articles SEO-friendly, it is possible to earn 10 thousands of pounds in a few months.
And let’s add that there are dozens of blog site managers that do not know how to write SEO-friendly articles. In other words, if you learn to write SEO compatible articles, you will be able to get ahead of even sites that will not see you as a competitor within months.

WordPress is one of our favorite tools that we use to design unique websites for you. Thanks to the simplicity of the WordPress platform and an attractive interface, it has allowed all users to seamlessly update the website with new content independently.

Keep Blog Sites with WordPress, E-Commerce sites; You can make any kind of Web site, from E-Commerce sites to Social Media Style Web sites.

It is not very difficult to learn how to build a Web Site with WordPress. Of course, setting up blog sites is one thing. Setting up E-Commerce sites is another. But you can still learn how to make many Web Sites after a few weeks of effort.
However, Web Site construction is not just WordPress. There is also a lot to learn about Hosting’s.

WordPress ile yapılan siteler, olağan üstü derece de güvenli olabilir. Tabi bu sitenizi kime yaptırdığınıza da bağlıdır. Yani aslında doğru kişiyle çalıştığınız müddetçe WordPress güvenilirdir.

Öncelikle bir Hosting (Barındırıcı) alınmalıdır. Hosting, Google’da görüntülenebilmenizi sağlamaktadır. Dosyalarınızın vs. depolandığı yerdir. 

Sonrasında alan adı almanız gerekmektedir. Mesela: “hayalindekisite.com” gibi…

Hostinglerin fiyatları 50 TL’den başlayıp 10 binlerce liraya kadar gitmektedir.

Alan adları da 50 TL’den başlayıp 10 binlerce liraya kadar gitmektedir.

Yeni Başlayanlar için: 100 TL’lik bir alan adı fazlasıyla idealdir.

Alan Adı fiyatı da muhtemelen 100 TL civarında olacaktır.


Doğru bir eğitimle 1 ay içerisinde Profesyonelliğe ulaşmak mümkündür.

Fakat, “Doğru Bir Eğitimle” buranın altını çiziyorum özellikle. 

Kaynaklardan yararlanır, Profesyonellerden eğitim alırsanız ve emek verirseniz 1 ay içerisinde Profesyonelliğe ulaşabilirsiniz.

Kendi halinizde kafanıza göre öğrenmeye çalışırsanız, 1 Yıl da sürse öğrenmeniz çok zor olacaktır.

Go to the Google Chrome Store and type “Theme Detector”. Install any Chrome tool you come across in your browser.
If a site is made with WordPress, after running the tool in a site made with WordPress, you can see which theme the site is made with and even which plugins it uses.

In WordPress, websites are made through themes. There are thousands of free themes available at WordPress.org. These themes provide you with ready-made templates. With these templates, it can sometimes take minutes to make any site.

They are created by coding in ready-made templates in WordPress. Think of it this way, people who know coding have turned their code information into ready-made templates and sell their information as Templates to make their Web Site work easier.
In my opinion, WordPress is fine. Because if you face any problem, it will be much easier to find the source of the problem.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  Search Engine Optimization
There are various settings that need to be made in order for your website to rank higher. These settings are called SEO settings.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  Search Engine Optimization
There are various settings that need to be made in order for your website to rank higher. These settings are called SEO settings.

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