WHAT IS WEB DESIGN IN 5 STEPS? the most general definition of the question; It is the presentation of the project in order to the site visitors, created from texts and images. This definition refers to the design of the website displayed on the Internet. WHAT IS WEB DESIGN IN 5 STEPS? In short, it is the presence of individuals and institutions in the digital environment.

A specially prepared design is in HTML language that can be viewed by internet browsers and is made by experts. People who do this job are called web masters or web designers. It is extremely important for the website to increase its customer base and it should appeal to the user.

1-) Web Design Elements

There are elements that show the quality value in the prepared web design. First of all, besides the visually striking elements, the originality and reliability of the content are important factors that determine the quality of the website. If you want to design an impressive website, you must follow the basic rules. The elements that must be in web design are as follows;

  • Visuality: Elements that will visually attract the attention of the target audience should be used.
  • Content: The titles and words used in the content should be the most searched elements in the search engine in order to increase the number of users entering the site. In addition, any element used should not cause boredom for the user and should be impressive.
  • Security: The user should know that their personal information is safe while browsing the site.
  • Layout: The texts used on the website should not bore the user, and the careful selection of the video and graphics used will not bore the user.
  • Color: The colors you will use may become identical with your brand over time. The design should be made according to the colors approved by the users.
  • Graphics: Graphics that take up a large amount of space can slow down the speed of the site. For this reason, graphics that will not hinder the speed of the site should be used.
  • Fonts: Fonts (fonts) are one of the most important elements in terms of visuality. Therefore, pleasing fonts should be used.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Due to the increase in mobile devices today, it is necessary for the website to be mobile compatible.
  • A reliable and powerful hosting service should be chosen.




2-) What Does Web Design Do?

Every company has a website in almost every field and sector. Therefore, the popularity of the Internet with the increase in the use of the website has gained a lot of value. Moreover, the promotion and Web sites on the internet network, which are shaped by software languages, serve to share with the domain name in a special area reserved for the cat on the Internet. After all, the most important aspect of Web sites is to provide information. All of your company activities help deliver the services and products you offer to your customers. It allows you to share information over a wide area.


You can share the postings, announcements and news about your workplace here and you can easily reach the employees or other segments. If we talk about e-commerce sites, it allows you to shop online, offer your products for sale from anywhere and earn profits. Websites are the power of our age. It is the widespread use of the Internet that increases this power.


3-) What are the Benefits of Web Design?

  • You can reach any part of the world with one click and interact with your customers or target audience and get the necessary feedback instantly.
  • If you can manage to create a trustworthy web design, you will definitely provide your customers’ approval for your business. You must have secure payment options in your web design infrastructure.
  • Although you have a low budget, you can achieve good results and increase your earnings in a short time with web design. In this way, you do not need to advertise with high budgets.
  • Slow loading sites will drive your customers away. You can get better returns if you adjust the opening speed of your site in web designs.


4-) What are the Stages of Web Design Studies?

The most important stage is the project design and analysis process. The service or product information about the created website is recorded. Analyzes related to competitors are made within the recorded information. If so, sample sites are examined within the scope of the analysis and design applications are started according to the requirements of the sector you are in.

After the design process is completed, a Demo is prepared for the customer. After the last Demo is reviewed by the customer, if the application is verified to work without any errors, the support process begins by the company. A website goes through many stages before it is published.

  • Preparation of the Project
  • Preparation of Corporate Identity Study
  • Preparation of Graphic Design Work
  • Coding of Web Pages
  • Preparation of Content Management System Integration
  • Test Process of the Website
  • Published Website

These stages also contain more detailed studies within themselves.


You can benefit from our team to get website installation support. Your website will help you stand out from your competitors. We will prepare the content completely together with you as you wish. Our goal in building your website The next step that you try to mobilize your site visitors, potential customers, with you and do what you have planned for them, will be to persuade.

5-) How to Web Design?

The widespread use of the Internet today has enabled many business lines to be carried online over the Internet. Creating a website is not as difficult as it seems, but it has become quite easy with the help of various tools and services. Now let’s all together How to Web Design? Let’s examine it step by step.

  1. Set Your Business Goals
  2. Identify Your Target Audience
  3. Buy Domain And Hosting
  4. Plan How to Build Your Website
  5. Decide on your website design
  6. Produce Useful Content
  7. Be visible with Digital Marketing Studies

As in every business, the most important issue to be considered while creating a website design is planning. Now let’s examine the planning we have determined in more detail.

Set Your Business Goals

It is useful to create your concept selection according to which areas your business operates in. What is your purpose for establishing a website, you must first decide on it.

  • Are you aiming to increase your potential customer base and be found more easily?
  • Are you aiming to sell your services or products?
  • To serve according to the age and gender group of your target audience?
  • Can you communicate with the target audience?

With many such questions, you can easily determine what kind of website you should set up.

Identify Your Target Audience

Determining the target audience, which is a subject we give priority to in all sales works, is an important issue that we should also consider when establishing a website. The success of the result you will get depends on determining your target audience correctly. Determine your target audience by evaluating criteria such as gender, age, location, occupational group. The design and usage features of your website should be determined according to these criteria.

Buy Domain And Hosting

The two most important components of a website are domain name and hosting. Your domain name is like the sign of your business. The keywords you will use in your domain name will help your customers find you more easily. It is useful to determine a domain name that gives a clue about

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